Concrete Restoration, Sealing & Overlay

Repair Damaged Concrete Surfaces

Repair, Finish and Protect Concrete, Fast!


Restore cement damaged by;
Moisture saturation
Grease saturation
Household contaminates 


Stamped Concrete Overlay for floors and walls in:
Home & Office 
Garage & Basement 
Decks & Patios
Public areas   


Perfect solution for:
Minor foundation cracks
Cracks in basement & garage slabs 
Concrete stairs & cold room floors
Parge foundation walls 
Pool decks & Driveways  

99% less dust and dirt at a fraction of replacement cost! 

Our eco friendly solutions save time, mess and money.
Most concrete troubles are either repaired with a concrete patch, covered with a secondary layer or demolished and repoured. Because the same old methods are resused over and over again the problem persists and often returns faster than anticipated. We use a method to remediate the problem in the concrete, densify the concrete and bond a completely new surface to the concrete leaving behind a structuraly stronger, denser, longer lasting core slab with a protected, clean finish.

Popular options

Colour – Non-slip surface -Textured finish 


Concrete Restoration + Overlay
Concrete Restoration + Overlay
Concrete Restoration + Overlay
Concrete Restoration + Overlay


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Concrete Restoration + Overlay

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